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©2022 Joshua Roberts
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Lost & Found  - Joshua Roberts



Produced by Chris Castaneda


Joshua Roberts - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar,

bass guitar, lead vocals, harmony vocals

Caleb Jones - bass guitar

Bryan Zannotti - drums, cajon, percussion

Jay Stiles - keyboards on Spin the World (Around Again)

Bryce Kelley - percussion on Spin the World (Around Again)

David Pulkingham - acoustic guitar on El Tejano Real

Omar Vallejo - trumpet on El Tejano Real, harmony vocal on No Bullets,

bass guitar on You Can’t Cut It

Cody Angel - steel guitar on I’m Coming Back

Rodney Pyeatt - electric guitar on Ten Years Gone

Paul Ramirez - vibraphone and percussion on Potomac Sunset

Chris Castaneda - electric guitar on No Bullets and You Can’t Cut It

Rich Baur - drums on You Can’t Cut It


Associate producer: Omar Vallejo

Executive producer: Joshua Roberts

Audio engineers: Rich Baur and Omar Vallejo

Recorded at 512 Studios in Austin, Texas


All music composed by Joshua Roberts.

©2022 Joshua Roberts. All rights reserved.

℗2022 Millport Arts (BMI) cat# MA0005

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 12.08.09 PM.png
©2022 Joshua Roberts
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